привет комета

illustrated “The Frog King or Iron Heinrich” by brothers Grimm

here is a book jacket i designed for brothers Grimm fairytales

here is a book jacket i designed for brothers Grimm fairytales

i think Mr Spring is not nice and cheerful at all

i think Mr Spring is not nice and cheerful at all

i found this short stop motion movie by Juan Pablo Zaramella.

"Luminaris is a recent stop motion short from Argentine director Juan Pablo Zaramella featuring some delightful sequences using shadows, lightbulbs, and marbles. The film tells the story of a man living in a world controlled and timed by light and the plan he hatches to escape. Luminaris won the Audience Award and Fipresci Award at Annecy 2011, and was included in the Oscars shortlist for Best Animated Short. (via reddit)" [online, available at < http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2012/04/luminaris-stop-motion-shadows-and-light/>]

i think its a very well presented animation piece and it is interesting to wach. also i was amazed by how well was stop motion technique used to create it.

I found this Illustrator while going through some old Creative Reviews. her name is Jane Laurie, and i think her works are pretty good. i like how she combines the water color with ink and the dynamic of the line in her drawings


this Jonny Cash project by Chris Milk really impressed me. its interactive project so everyone can take part in creating a video for Jonny Cash’s song. idea is brilliant and the result is stunning so far! i am definatelly going to submit my own drawing to this as well

here are some illustrations that ive done for the “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by Brothers Grimm. Snow White has always been my favourite fairytale and i chose this one to illustrate for my visual piece of my dissertation. the writen part was based on the use of uncanny in illustration so ive been trying to achieve at least a slight feeling of it in my dravings.


this is a website of a new IT consulting company. i was offered to be an illustrator/designer of this company, and of course my answer was yes. things are going quite slow at the moment, but we have big hopes for a better future and hopefully this could be my starting point to get into the industry. im not gonna lie, im quite excited about the possibilities, because getting offer from this company just proved again that good things can come up unexpectedly

ive done a little bit of experimenting. its a candle wax drawing. just wanted to try out the technique. all ive done was drawing an image with wax, leting it to cool down, then ading some watercolour on top and removing wax afterwards. it worked, but i think if ill use this technique again i will use black ink instead of watercolour, because in my opinion it needs more contrast

these are three linocuts that ive made. i managed to cut my fingers in every possible place with them tools, did not know how dangerous it can be! the best part of the whole proces was messing about with the ink. at first i used only one colour-did not look that good. later i mixed two colours of ink and prints turned out wery nicely.